What is virgin hair?

Virgin hair is 100% unprocessed human hair that has been cut from one individual donor.

What is the difference between Brazilian hair Malaysian hair and Peruvian hair?

5A Gold Brazilian hair can only be dyed to #27 and with proper care can last 1-2 years:
Our 5A Platinum Brazilian hair is a more versatile quality of hair cut from one donor the hair feels silky smooth and soft and can maintain the wave for an extended period the hair also can be dyed to #613. This hair can be styled limitlessly and can be permed, curled, and worn straight. This hair can last over 2 years with proper care. The 5A Platinum Brazilian hair should be considered an investment because of its ability to last customers over two years.

6A Peruvian hair is supple virgin hair rich with luster and the capability of being dyed through #613 6A Malaysian hair is soft smooth hair with a finer texture with the ability to be dyed to #613. Because of the fine texture when dyed some breakage may occur.

How is hair measured?

All hair is straightened when being measured.

Can the hair be straightened or curled?

Our hair is 100% unprocessed human hair therefore it can be styled limitlessly.

What is the difference between weft, closure, and frontal.

A hair weft is the raw material of hair extensions that can be knitted directly to the head. A closure is a lining of hair that when installed with the weft shows the fullness of the hair while showing a natural hair line.

A Lace Frontal is used to reflect a bang, it is similar to a closure but it covers the top of the head and forehead.

How many bundles of hair is needed for one full head?

Normally 3 bundles of hair will be enough hair for a full head. For hair 22' or longer we suggest four bundles for fullness.

Why is your price higher than other hair suppliers?

You pay extra for the highest quality. We pride ourselves in the collection of hair from one donor. Most companies collect the hair from multiple donors mixed together which causes crossover knots and will also show uneven strands, breakage and detached cuticles.

Why do I see other companies claiming high quality with lower prices

Uhaironline can pledge that we are providing the highest quality hair at the lowest prices and we stand by this claim. There will always be companies selling cheaper hair claiming high quality but after purchasing you will notice the shredding and tangles. The hair sold by Uhaironline is non shred can be dyed, colored and ironed limitlessly.

Uhaironline Advantage:

100% Virgin unprocessed human hair

Hair was Collected from one head one donor

Full cuticle and full vitality, giving the hair the natural luster and brilliance

Shred resistant and can be bleached and dyed.