Tips for Taking Care of Your Wigs

One of the major advantages of using wigs is the lowered maintenance. They don't need to be washed every day, like human hair, they often keep their shape longer, and they can even be removed whenever convenient. Despite all that, do not fall into the trap of thinking lower maintenance is no maintenance at all. If you use a wig, or even if you use hair extensions like straight lace closure, you should be diligent about maintaining them. Some elements of maintenance apply to all manner of false hair, but other aspects vary from one type of wig to another. Make sure you know what type of wig you have, and how to best take care of it.

Human Hair

Human hair wigs do generally require more maintenance than their synthetic counterparts, just like the hair on your head requires maintenance. When you are washing your natural hair wig, always softly brush it before actually washing it to straighten out the strands. Using a mild shampoo, wash the wig with cold water and let it soak. Rinse out the wig gently, then repeat the process several times. Apply your chosen conditioner and leave that in for several minutes before gently rinsing it one more time. Pat the wig dry with a towel, but not rigorously; the wig should be put on a stand or left out to air-dry most of the moisture. Make sure not to put it in direct sunlight as it dries, or the wig might fade.

Synthetic Hair

As with natural hair, synthetic hair should be gently brushed before washing. If you fail to brush either, the washing process might tangle and tie up the hair, which can be especially irreparable with synthetic hair. Shampoo the hair in cold water, but with this make sure to use a special shampoo designed for synthetic hair; regular hair shampoo could damage it. Rinse it out gently, no need to repeat after the first wash. Condition the hair just as you would natural, but again using a special synthetic hair condition. Pat it partially dry, but before you leave it out to air dry the rest of the way, leave a small amount of the special spray-on conditioner in the wig.


If you have extensions, they also require special maintenance. Before you shower, brush your hair carefully and remove all tangles. Never shower in water that's too hot; go lukewarm at the highest. Using your preferred shampoo, lather your hair, always pushing in a downwards motion. Pat gently into the weave. Rinse out, then repeat with a good conditioner. Pat it dry, and wrap in a towel after the shower, leaving spray-on conditioner when you do. It's generally recommended to air dry it, but if you have natural hair, you can blow dry it if you have to. Never blow dry synthetic hair.

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