3 Facts You Need to Know About Peruvian Straight Hair!

Deciding which hair is perfect for you starts with gathering all the information that you need. Peruvian straight hair is a great popular option. There are 3 things that you should know that can convince you that Peruvian straight hair is the right option for you. Making an informed choice about the hair you buy will help you to have confidence in making the choice.

What is it?

Peruvian hair like other natural hair options come from women that have donated/sold their hair. It is hair that originates from South America in Peru. Many times, hair is sold under the "South American" hair label when it does not actually originate from South America. Avoid hair products that use the words "South American like" or "like South American" because you may not be getting authentic Peruvian hair. There are 3 characteristics to Peruvian hair that make it a unique option.

The Facts

You can opt for virgin Peruvian hair which is a better choice over processed hair in most all situations. It is a more expensive option, but it is true that you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to hair. Virgin hair is easier to style, lasts longer and looks better. Many people remark that they choose Peruvian hair because of these 3 characteristics:

  1. It is durable
  2. It has a coarser texture
  3. It sheds less

This type of hair can be manipulated in many different ways and look great for months. It is a strong durable hair. Unlike hair from India while it is straight it does have body giving it a more natural "straight" look. The thickness of each hair shaft contributes to its body and texture.

The Coarse Texture

Peruvian hair has a coarser texture than hair from India which helps it to blend perfectly in Caucasian medium coarse hair and African American hair. It has a soft feel to it but not a "flimsy" feel that you can find with other hair types. It is a perfectly balanced hair.

You Lose Less

This thick straight hair, tends to shed less than other hair types. This factor can help to keep your hair looking better for longer. Uhair is a great source for Peruvian hair and other natural hair types. You get the options you want and the quality that you need at Uhair!

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