Tips for Taking Care of Your Wigs

One of the major advantages of using wigs is the lowered maintenance. They don't need to be washed every day, like human hair, they often keep their shape longer, and they can even be removed whenever convenient. Despite all that, do not fall into the trap of thinking lower maintenance is no maintenance at all. If you use a wig, or even if you use hair extensions like straight lace closure, you should be diligent about maintaining them. Some elements of maintenance apply to all manner of false hair, but other aspects vary from one type of wig to...

What is Protective Styling and What is the Purpose?

When you have long hair, you know the troubles that accompany it. Hours of hair maintenance every day can take time out of your busy schedule, and simply be extremely annoying. Furthermore, there's always the persistent enemy of split ends, which can set back your hair growth goals by months when you're forced to trim them. Despite all this, many women desire long hair, not just for their appearance, but also just for self-satisfaction and confidence. To this end, many hairstylist recommend protective styling as a means to longer, healthier hair.

Protective Styling

At its simplest, protective styling...

What are the Differences between Synthetic and Natural Hair?

Wigs are sort of like canes; they're available in all manner of different sizes and appearances, and some people will get one simply for the look of the thing, but no one wants to need one. Regardless of which reason you may have for getting a wig, it's important to do your research and determine what is best for you. In the wig market, there are two different choices for the base materials, before you get into the aesthetic choices: synthetic and natural. Synthetic hair is made of artificial fibers made to look like hair, whereas natural hair comes from...

How to Choose the Best Hair for Your Hair Type

Choosing the right extensions can be overwhelming. You want something that is comfortable, that will fit you well, and that looks natural on you. With so many different types of extension hair on the market, it's hard to know exactly which one is best for you. Towards that aim, here is a list of different hair types, to help you determine which one fits you the most.

Peruvian Straight Hair

Extensions made of Peruvian Straight Hair are generally aimed towards women of African descent, since they fit in very well with African skin and hair tone. They can...

3 Facts You Need to Know About Peruvian Straight Hair!

Deciding which hair is perfect for you starts with gathering all the information that you need. Peruvian straight hair is a great popular option. There are 3 things that you should know that can convince you that Peruvian straight hair is the right option for you. Making an informed choice about the hair you buy will help you to have confidence in making the choice.